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Our Purpose

Tags Canuck is an animal-oriented business located in Calgary, Alberta. We believe in animal care and love, wholeheartedly. Motivation is that a percentage of sales generated is directed towards animal care to prevent animals perishing due to hunger or general lack of care. Animals, much like us, are sensitive to feelings and emotion.
We sell:

  • Pet Tags
  • Keychains
  • Wallet Cards

All of the above are personalized with information relating to your pets, and yours as emergency contact and ownership info. We create an opportunity for a lively way of securing your pet’s welfare by creating the above tags, keychains, and wallet cards as your pet’s very own DRIVER’S LICENSES. This contains not textual information but pictures! How cute is that?!
We operate remotely from Calgary, Alberta but across Canada, United States of America and Australia.
Working along with farmers for 5 years, pandemic brought about new and moving situation which after sounding difficult gave us a unique opportunity of taking the whole idea of our business international and online.
All our products are handmade and are carefully made, all the while ensuring upkeeping of highest possible quality, specially with your pet’s collar tags as to make them indestructible so your pet, even after years of playing with it, is unable to break or damage it. IT’S GUARANTEED FOR LIFE ND COMES WITH AFTER SALES SERVICES TOO!