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Tags Canuck deeply regards to the welfare of your beloved pets, even when you cannot tend to them!

While you are around, we know nothing can hurt them. However, it’s not the same situation when you are not around… which makes them vulnerable after certain period. To have such a situation addressed, we have come up with a pretty solution for you and your pet. We have introduced the HOME ALONE cards. These cards carry all the necessary and relevant information when you are hurt or in cases of emergencies where you, yourself, cannot instruct or convey that your pet may need you.

These cards carry, on one side, an apparent notice that your pet is in need of care and attention. In addition to this, these cards carry emergency contact information of any person you want such responsibility delegated to, so that such person can be notified of your own and your pet’s situation.
On the other side is contained information of you and your pet for identification purposes. With a card of this nature, your pet and you yourself are provided with due care in dire times.